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Asian Cuisine

Explore the culture, tradition, and techniques that made Asian Cuisine a beloved culinary experience worldwide. We’re happy to serve you our best Vietnamese, Thai & Chinese Food.


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Fortune Noodle House

Fortune Noodle House is where we nurture our love for cooking & asian food since it’s established. Proudly located in Renton, we have been happy to serve Washington for many years.

With a menu boasting far more than just Noodle, our restaurant has become an beloved place, offering different taste of Vietnamese, Thai & Chinese Food that you should not miss.


Our Clients

Christina Leasburg
Christina Leasburg
17. November, 2020.
The pho is delicious and flavorful and their spring rolls are always fresh and tasty.
Carissa Wikstrom
Carissa Wikstrom
1. October, 2020.
Tons of gluten free options, and the best Boba tea I've ever had!
Ted Seay
Ted Seay
12. September, 2020.
Plenty of Gluten Free options... The food was great
Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee
21. August, 2020.
So sad I don’t live in Renton anymore. Our go to would be their rice plates with short ribs or pork (but pho and vermicelli bowls are also a must). Iced viet coffee is also very delicious. Food was always delicious and fresh. My order was also rarely ever wrong (my bf is keto so we would always ask for no rice with his meal). Also - to the reviewer below who said it was rude to have the staff speak vietnamese to each other in front of him.. if you’re going to be offended by people speaking their native language in front of you.. stay home.